Studio Golondrina is a supporter of Global Stone Workshop. This excellent international resource for sculptors can be found at:

Excellent website on the life and work of Hubert Dalwood, the most inventive and irrepressible of British sculptors:

Short film on the work of Steve Dilworth and his website link:

Sculptor Emma Maiden

Metal sculptor David Vanorbeek. Fascinating, varied work:  Watch the DVD

Sculptor Gareth Newman:

Studio Golondrina uses tools made by the Italian company Tabularasa. Treat yourself to an online purchase at:

Sculptor Jennifer Tetlow, including details of stone carving courses:

Sculptor Pete Graham and Celia Robbins. Stone carving courses in a beautiful Cornish setting:

Sculptor Mieke van Grinsven, based in Tanzania:

Sculptor Graeme Mitcheson, including details of stone carving courses in Leicestershire:

Emily Young Sculpture:

The Stone Project is a fascinating resource on all aspects of stone sculpture:

Shapeshifters Sculpture Group, based at Dudley College and at Winterbourne Gardens in Birmingham.

SWSA: Southwest Sculptors Association. A sculptors group for artists based in the southwest of England.

Sidney Nolan Trust


Tribal art resources

BBC sculpture archive:

Yorkshire Sculpture Park:

PDF on alabaster in Aragon:

PDF on natural stone in Aragon:

Information on Calatorao stone and pages on Aragon:

Article on Brancusi:

'How the Stone Carves the Sculptor'. Essay by Charlotte Hobson, On Form sculpture: