The Spanish studio will be open from May 24th to June 9th 2019





Studio Golondrina is situated in the ancient village of Cañada de Benatanduz. At an altitude of 1442 metres,  Cañada is the highest village in the Maestrazgo, a wild, ruggedly beautiful and little-visited region of Aragon, northeastern Spain. 

The studio occupies the old  stables and corral of a typical Aragonese mountain house, perched on the upper slopes of  the deep limestone canyon that gives the village its Moorish name. Hundreds of nesting swallows - golondrinas - and swifts are constant companions.

The house and studio is top left in the following picture.

The view from the studio is inspirational.

Cañada de Benatanduz is a hardworking farming village, famous in the region for wheat, potatoes and lamb. The tough landscape, turbulent history, extreme winters and very isolated  location have produced a ruggedly independent, warm-hearted and welcoming community.    

Studio Golondrina is a small-scale addition to the green tourism initiatives that  are helping  to  counter depopulation in the Maestrazgo. Cañada de Benatanduz is a tiny community; to keep the project in scale, studio places are limited to four at any one time.

Cañada de Benatanduz is a rugged place where the spine of Spain gives a last upward flex before descending five thousand feet to the Mediterranean. The Maestrazgo is a product of primal geological forces; this ancient kingdom of stone, fossils and dinosaur bones is the perfect  setting in which to work - and learn from - natural materials. Come and join us.